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40 years of R&D in Flavor & Fragrance Industry

Scientific research

Christian’s research have been published in the following peer reviewed journals:

Flavour and Fragrance Journal


Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry


Chemical Senses


Journal of Environmental Science & Technology


 Chemistry and Biodiversity

Food Chemistry


Christian wrote the chapter on Malodor in the Springer Handbook of Odor.

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Curriculum Vitae


Ph. D. in Organic Chemist | Master in Biochemistry | Savory Flavorist training | Distinguished Scientist at Firmenich S.A. Genève: Flavor and Fragrances R&D


FIRMENICH S. A. Geneva, Switzerland (1998-2019)

  • Scientific project leader for malodors analysis and understanding. Since 2012 involved in the Bill and Melinda Gates project: “Reinvent the toilet challenge”
  • Scientific project leader for the discovery of new taste active natural compounds: cooling, tingling, pungency.
  • Started R&D project at Firmenich Aromatics (China) Co. Ltd. Shanghai (2006)for screening Chinese botanicals to develop new extracts
  • Malodor expert. Recently involved in the “Reinvent the toilet challenge” in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.




FIRMENICH Inc., Princeton, NJ, USA (1995-1998)

  • Manage a research laboratory to support development of reaction flavors including the design of reaction flavor formulas and processes (thermal treatment, extraction, various spray drying techniques, extrusion on different matrices).
  • Focus on soft chemistry to produce sulfur compounds found in foodstuffs.

FIRMENICH S. A. Geneva, Switzerland (1990-1995)

  • Scientist, Applied Research and Development.

UNIVERSITY OF GENEVA, Switzerland (1986-1990)

  • Graduate Research Assistant, Chemistry Department
  • Asymmetric synthesis directed by Prof. W. Oppolzer.